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Man on motorcycle Bobblehead
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Man on motorcycle Bobblehead

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If you or someone you know loves nothing more than taking to the open road on their beloved motorbike, then this ´man on motorcycle custom bobblehead is a gift worth considering. For some, nothing beats the feeling of cruising the streets on their prized possession, feeling the wind in their hair as they ride into the sunset. If that sounds like someone you know, then you should make this custom model gift a priority for their next birthday, or any other occasion for that matter.

A nice way to give a thoughtful, personalized gift without the need for artistic flair or any other creative talent, this custom bobblehead will look fantastic in the home of your motorbike-riding friend. Imagine the look of pure delight on their face as they lay their eyes on this model for the first time, with their likeness sat atop a beautiful bike ready to ride the night away.


High Quality Polymer clay material is used to make our bobbleheads different from other organizations. It is ecologically friendly, bright, and difficult to blur.


Here are the attractive features that make it unique:

  • Bigger head than the body
  • Nodding head even with the smallest sound
  • Funny or you can say different body structure
  • Customized on personal requirements or any celebrity
  • Easily peaceable on any place which increases the decoration as well as gives entertainment
  • Free add-ons.

Our bobblehead is popular and distinguished from other types of dolls by its big head.

Please note before you customize this bobblehead

  • Proof: We will send you the proof by email within 7 business days. Please reply us within 48 hours If any modifications are required. During this time, we will not proceed to the next step only if you are 100% satisfied!
  • Try to upload high-definition pictures, in this way, our bobblehead artists can better see your appearance and make the highest degree of imitation.
  • Only the head is customized, and the body is made according to the product pictures!


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