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Custom Bobbleheads

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How to make your own bobblehead in 4 steps?

Custom Bobbleheads in 4 steps
  • Choose one of two custom solutions

1. Choose a Standard Body (stock body+customized head)

2. Choose a Full custom body (custom from head to toe)

3. Upload your photos.

Tips: Unlike other online bobblehead maker, we only need one high-resolution frontal photo to completely customize the bobblehead you want!

  • Give detailed specification of what you want

Each individual is unique with a different taste. Thus, for us to work efficiently and give you the exact bobblehead you desire, we recommend that you give us a detailed description of what you want. We have therefore made it possible for you to include photos containing the head, body, pose and even clothing items such as shoes, belt, T-shirts, dresses and jackets you would desire on your customized bobble head. You have a choice to either upload these photos alongside your order or to send them through email. These photos will help our artists to create the exact custom bobblehead by hand.

  • Criticize the proofs sent to you

Our goal is to ensure that our clients get exactly what they ask for. To achieve this, we always send out as many proofs as possible to our clients, so they can make modification requests as they desire. Of course, we can adjust parts or different aspects of the photos to suit the unique needs of our clients. For example, it’s possible for our artists to make the chin to be thinner or the lips to be thicker. Rest assured we will send you as many proofs as possible until you are 100% satisfied.

  • Approval and shipping

Once you have approved a particular photo preview, you can be sure to receive that exact bobblehead. Our artists will then go ahead to create your bobblehead, while putting into consideration all your unique precisions. Of course, we will also ship your bobblehead to your destination in the timeliest manner.

Bulk orders

We accept bulk orders and the price of bulk orders will be even cheaper. You can contact us by for more offers.