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How to Make a Bobblehead? Step-by-Step Guide

How to Make a Bobblehead? Step-by-Step Guide

Everyone had a piece of toy while growing up. For some, it was a little piece of gummy bear or a sock doll. Bobbleheads, on the other hand, have been around for a while. I can’t think of one person who doesn’t love them. Some people even go to the extent of making a collection from time to time. I heard one time that there was a competition on the collection of Bobbleheads. Anyone who collected the highest amount of Bobbleheads throughout the year wins the competition. It is a little intense right? For those who don’t like Bobbleheads, that’s if they exist, you are missing out on a whole lot of fun out here. There is something really intriguing about these little features with dangling heads. It makes me laugh most times when I see it. Each owner knows its usefulness in their lives. Some own a personalized bobblehead to fill up a void, some need it for closure and many other reasons. In this article, we are going to learn how to make a bobblehead.

Aren’t you a little curious about how these little lovely features were made? If you were to know how to make a bobblehead, do you know what that signifies? It means there will be no limit to how many bobbleheads you can own. Fascinating right? Before we dive into the real facts on how to make these beautiful pieces, let us first talk about its usefulness.



football bobblehead

Just like there are always souvenirs during a big match between rivals such as jerseys, hats, caps and so on. You can also make use of a bobblehead for that same purpose. You could make a bobblehead of your favorite football or basketball star, depending on which sports you love. I love football, I wouldn’t mind having a bobblehead of a football legend sitting on my desk. Let’s say you organized a little sporting event, you can make available bobbleheads as a way of saying thank you for the great game. Just to foster the spirit of sportsmanship.


wedding bobbleheads

Bobbleheads can also serve as great gifts for a ceremony such as a wedding or a birthday. You can make a couple’s bobblehead for your favorite couples. I’m sure they’ll love it. I saw it one time at a wedding, a pair of bobbleheads looking exactly like the bride and groom placed strategically on the cakes. It was lovely!


We all have that one friend who hates gifts on a gifting holiday. If you don’t, I do! Why not try out a custom-made bobblehead. Wait till you see the look of surprise on his face as he unveils the Christmas gift you gave him. Try it and thank me later.

There are other uses of bobblehead but without deviating too much from the main emphasis of this article, let’s dive in!

You know before cooking a meal, there are certain things that must be put in places such as tools and necessary ingredients. That’s what makes up the food, right? So also, when trying to make a custom-made bobblehead, you will need some tools and materials.


  • Aluminum foil
  • Wooden base
  • Wire cutters
  • Oven
  • Drill
  • Acrylic Paints’
  • Gauge wire (20 and 24)
  • Epoxy glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Craft knife
  • Needle
  • Clay-sculpting tools
  • Polymer clay
  • Pictures of the person
  • Piece of pliers

These tools are not too hard to find. Once you have them, you can go on to making bobbleheads of your favorite music god.

Out of the tools written above, the most important is the picture of the person you want to portray. You have to study the picture closely and thoroughly because once you get it wrong, your bobblehead will end up looking like someone else. Check out the features that make up the character of that individual you are trying to build.

There are two sets of gauge wire written above. These two different sets of gauge wire are put there for a reason. Take the 20-gauge wire and cut a piece that will represent three parts of the bobblehead’s body- feet, hips, and the legs. Shape them into a U-shape with your piece of plier.

Grab your aluminum foil and cover up the wire. Then, cover the aluminum foil at the lower end of the legs with the other set of gauge wire (24-gauge wire).

You need to apply some molding skills here. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be perfect at first. Practice makes perfect, right? Get your polymer clay conditioned by making using of your hands. Ensure it is soft enough before using it to cover the aluminum foil on the lower part of the body. Then, make it fine and smooth with your fingers.

You have your wooden base as listed above? Now drill two tiny holes with your drill into the wooden base. Position the foot wires into the tiny holes which helps steady the piece while sculpting. You’ll need another piece of 20-gauge wire for the body of the bobblehead. Insert it vertically into the clay part of the lower body, cover up with some clay and shape out the neck and shoulders.

Scoop out two balls of clay and make the shoes for the bobblehead. Carefully lift up the figure from the wooden and place the foot wire in the two ball shoes. Apply some glue on the shoes and place it in the holes on the wooden base. You can’t afford to have a naked bobblehead right? So we will have to tailor out some clothes using a craft knife and needle.

Make up arms and hands from the clay and glue them to the shoulders. From that same clay, scoop up a large ball of clay for the head. This is the moment where you refer to the pictures of the person you are building. Design the face, hair, nose, ears, eyes with the necessary tools.

Condition your oven to about 250 degrees and bake the clay head for like an hour. Design both the body and head with some paints using your brushes. Fashion out features like the color of the eyes, cheeks, buttons and so on.

Then cut out twice the length of the gauge wire, fold it and shape it into a spring with your pliers. Get a pen and cover that pen with the wire. Wrap both ends of the wire in clay and then glue one of the ends to the neck top. Make a hole inside the head such that the head stands properly on the spring. Then, position the head on the spring and attach it together with the glue.

Our bobblehead is ready! You can decide to add some other stuff such as earrings, chain, glasses and so on. Create any kind of bobblehead you want with these few steps listed above.

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