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The Best Bobblehead Dolls of 2019

The Best Bobblehead Dolls of 2019

Bobbleheads are dolls of particular value and interest to their collectors. They are different from the regular toys in mainly two aspects. The head is bigger than the rest of the body. And secondly the connection between head and body is in form of a spring or hook. Such that a simple tap at it, even by the weakest sound waves, bobbles the head.

This class of dolls has evolved in popularity and acceptance over time. Initially it was only reserved for major league sports icons and other important figures on the planet. But with the growing number of online merchants, you can easily purchase a personalized bobblehead, with your face on it, and sometimes the body creatively customized to suit your own needs.

custom dancing girl bobblehead

A bobblehead doll is first an inspiration to its collector, and serves a purpose in their lives. For instance, the 2015 Pope Francis bobblehead sold in numbers to a point where production could not meet demand. This shows the magnitude of love that Catholics have for the sitting pope. There are many other life scenarios where bobbleheads use can apply:

  • We subconsciously interact and fall in love with movie characters. You or someone you know may be a huge fan of any superheroes from the movies. It would be nice to spice that up with a bobblehead inspired by the icons, Captain America for example.
  • To enhance learning in classrooms, teachers can incorporate bobbleheads as visual aids. Especially when learning about historical, presidential, and political leaders. The educators may carry along bobblehead figures representing these leaders.
  • Being the most important life achievement of your daughter, son, or a friend, you can gift them a custom bobblehead on their graduation. This could be a male or female 3D printed miniature, fully dressed in a graduation gown and hat that serve as a constant reminder of their excellent performance.
  • Some people may have a huge admiration for reputable units. For instance, those who love Navy Seal may purchase customized bobbleheads inspired by the unit.
  • You can congratulate your couple friends with a two persons double bobbleheads on their wedding day. This shows your appreciation for their love.

There are so many other life situations not mentioned above where bobbleheads are useful. What is important is for you to decide the model that suits the occasion, or how it should be customized to fit your personal needs.

Factors to consider when purchasing a bobblehead

Material- Bobbleheads can be made of either polyresin or polymer clay materials. The former is very durable, customizable, and strong but its costs are quite off the roof. Polymer clay, on the other hand, is super affordable, workable, and has no clay materials as the name suggests.

Besides, bobbleheads made of high quality polymer clay are environment friendly, look vibrant, and do not catch stains.

If you are looking for single piece customized bobbleheads you will most likely land on one made from polymer clay material. Polyresin is common in major league giveaways and mass-produced personalized bobbleheads, to save on the costs.

Height- Most bobbleheads are 7 inches tall. But those that are customizable can be up to 9-inches or more, depending on your preferences. The world’s bobblehead figure, Goldie, is 15 feet tall, Which is the tallest model so far.

Purpose- Bobbleheads fit in different contexts. When shopping around for one it is important focus your mind on what inspires you. If seeing a representation of your face reminds you of who you are every time it bobbles then it might be the right time to look for a personalized model.

Body Structure- Some people prefer models with bodies that look funny. This is because of the way these bodies complement the head when it bobbles. Making the environment around lively and pleasing. Others prefer simple bodies as long as the head is big.

The body structure has to conform to the purpose of the bobblehead. For instance, a Superman model’s body must have hands on the hips, dressed in a blue outfit and the iconic red cape. It should also be shaped like the classic superhero from the movies.

Nodding capacity- Either a spring or a hook connects head and body. Their ability to flex differ. A spring can flex more, and enables nodding of the head even with the smallest sound. Head bobbling is what makes a bobblehead to be of entertaining and decorative value. It removes dullness and improves the aesthetics of a living room.

How to Customize Bobbleheads on our Website

Having picked on your favorite model from our extensive collection of bobbleheads, the next step is to customize it to your needs. We have a team of able bobblehead artists who can design your model exactly as per the instructions and details you give. Please follow the following guidelines when personalizing your own bobblehead on our website. You can find our bobbleheads buyer's guide to learn how to order your customized bobbleheads.


Bobbleheads are a huge part of the social circles today. They are valuable gifts like any other, and give satisfaction to their collectors. It is important to consider the factors mentioned in the article whenever you want to purchase a model for you or a loved one. Because a bobblehead that’s misplaced serves no purpose to the owner. Let it be a source of energy, inspirational, and act as an entertainment to your guests.

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